So, it seems that WordPress now has a version 3.0. It’s been available for a couple of days now, so I suppose I’ll be taking the site down later today to see if I can upgrade to 3.0. :)

Well, I got tired of waiting for 20:00 — the ‘site is back up six hours early! :D

The upgrade went very smoothly — there are no problems that I can see right now.

Minor changes to the site include a Favicon, and a new visitor counter, because I got tired of my web-hosting place’s counter constantly disappearing. :| It doesn’t look quite as good, but at least it works.

I also fixed the AJAX Calendar to the right — it wasn’t working correctly before, so I rolled it back to its previous version, and now it works the way it should! :D Yay.

Anyway, thanks for waiting. :) I wish I could figure out how to fix the Gravatar Identicons in comments threads, but alas. <.<