↓ Transcript
[Panel 1]
The Fire Stingray (piloted by Jeff, who's dressed as Samurai Goroh) cuts in front of some drones. The Blue Falcon is trailing at the rear.

[Panel 2]
Inside the cockpit of the Fire Stingray, Jeff's grinning reflection can be seen on the inside of the windshield.
SPOON: “The Falcon's right on your tail, Jeff!”

[Panel 3]
The Fire Stingray cuts a sharp turn, sparks flying from the edge scraping on the ground.
JEFF: “Not for long — heh, heh!”

[Panel 4]
The Fire Stingray launches off a Jump Plate.

WE’RE BACK, and I spent FAR too long coloring this page!

But it LOOKS AWESOME, no? :D

(P.S.: I’ll probably end up coloring all of the Drones in panels 2 and 3 (and the Fire Stingray in 3) PROPERLY sometime later. I wanted to get this blasted thing out there already. :l)
(P.P.S.: all the stats on the Fire Stingray’s HUD were shamelessly ripped verbatim from the F-Zero gameplay image on Wikipedia. I have no regrets.)


Okay, so it’s been… cripes, how long HAS it been? About six months, I suppose.

I’d give some excuses, but I actually have none — I guess I just got burnt out on drawing or something.

BUT I’M BACK, so yay! :D And with a somewhat-brand-new domain name to boot! Initially, I was going to wait until the tenth page — but I’m impatient at times; I couldn’t wait. I wanted to show it off now. :)

So anyway, welcome to the grand opening of DrivingNorthBackwards.com, and my moving away from that other god-awfully-slow server! :D

Also, this month was the one-year anniversary of this comic’s existence! Woo! \:D/ Happy birthday to D.N.B.!

…’Kay, that’s all I’ve got. See ’ya next month! :p

(P.P.P.S.: I really am going somewhere with all this F-Zero stuff! I’m seriously, you guys!)