↓ Transcript
[Panel 1]
{SFX: BOOWEEOOOOOOoo… (police car siren)}
JEFF: “Oh great, the cops! Why didn't anyone say they were, uh… tailing us?”

[Panel 2]
KRISTEN: “Well, we tried to tell you, but you seemed to be majorly distracted.”
JEFF: “…Oh boy.”

[Panel 3]
OFFICER DUDE: “Show me your license and registration, please.”
JEFF: “Way ahead of you, Dude — er, officer.”

[Panel 4]
OFFICER DUDE: “Seems okay. Now…”

[Panel 5]
OFFICER DUDE: “…Would you mind telling me just what you were thinking, pulling a stunt like this?”
JEFF: “Eh-heh. Heh. Um — lemme explain…”

Officer Dude has some peculiar tastes in ties. Also, I suck at drawing policemen/sheriffs. XP

Many apologies for, yet again, being late. But hey, at least this time it was only by two days! Clearly, I’m getting better at this ‘deadline’ business! :D

Additionally: the art will probably be a bit messy for a while as I frenziedly doodle the next several pages. Bear with me! It’ll get better — …later. xD

You may also notice that today’s comic is slightly wider than the previous ones, and also slightly shorter. I decided to change it a little so that, in the event I ever publish physical copies of collections of the strips from this comic, they’ll fit better on the pages. :)